Adds basic functionality


cf059440 Add discover command
238b416d Add local db storage using storm/boltdb
0efee40a Add more OAuth2 and OIDC types
08a7a5a0 Add refresh login command and profile config option
a61d804d Add some primitive error handling
97f6f03f Add the clear command
83be2746 Cleanup and refactoring
8f6c74dd Implemented JWKs fetching from well known issuer URL
b0dd66a7 Improve the status output and refactoring
7d2757c7 Persisting JWT, JWK and Issuer information
ebb90ac1 Refactor decode command
e2115061 Refactoring
c141b6ff Update deps
a682b34c Update go module dependencies
edac79e7 local storage improvements
c0e85b79 rename utils package to internal
c0b9f8c8 rename utils.go to logging.go