Commit ac573bd4 authored by Simon Schürg's avatar Simon Schürg 🚀
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fix(oidc-discovery): Fix oidc well known configuration attribute type

parent 1a7bd3bc
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ type OpenIDProviderMetadata struct {
ClaimsParameterSupported bool `json:"claims_parameter_supported"`
RequestParameterSupported bool `json:"request_parameter_supported"`
RequestURIParameterSupported bool `json:"request_uri_parameter_supported"`
RequestURIRegistration []string `json:"require_request_uri_registration"`
RequestURIRegistration bool `json:"require_request_uri_registration"`
OpPolicyURI []string `json:"op_policy_uri"`
OpTosURI []string `json:"op_tos_uri"`
IntrospectionEndpoint string `json:"introspection_endpoint"`
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