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actl - Access Control
A CLI tool for OAuth and OpenID Connect based access control.
A CLI tool for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect based access control.
actl [command]
Available Commands:
clear Clears the local data store.
completion Generate shell completion scripts
decode Decodes a JWT and returns the result.
decrypt Decrypts a JSON payload and returns a JWT.
discover OpenID provider configuration discovery
docs Generates the actl documentation
encrypt Encrypts a JSON payload and returns a JWE cipher.
certs Fetch and print OIDC issuer public keys as JWKS and PEM.
completion Generate actl shell completion for bash, zsh, fish and powershell.
decode Decode a JWT and print it to stdout.
decrypt Decrypt a JWE cipher and print the plaintext payload.
discover Discover OpenID Connect provider configurations.
docs Generate the actl documentation as .man, .md, .rst or .yaml.
encrypt Encrypt a JSON payload as a JWE (JSON Web Encryption) cipher.
help Help about any command
login Performs an OpenID Connect Login and retreive tokens.
keygen Generate keys for JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE).
login Perform an OpenID Connect Auth Flow and retrieve a JWT token set.
logout Perform an OpenID Connect Logout
sign Signs a JSON payload and returns a JWT.
status Print the current state of OpenID Connect sessions
sign Sign a JSON payload as a JWS (JSON Web Signature).
status Print state information.
userinfo Fetch the OpenID Connect userinfo endpoint and print it to stdout
verify Verifies the signature of a JWT.
version Print the version number of actl.
--config string config file (default is $HOME/.actl.toml)
--config string config file (default is ${HOME}/.config/actl.toml)
-h, --help help for actl
-v, --verbose verbose output
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